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lessen / уменьшать, уменьшаться, преуменьшать
reduce, decrease, diminish, lower, lessen, mitigate
decrease, fall off, decline, diminish, lower, lessen
belittle, minimize, downplay, understate, play down, lessen
underestimate, undervalue, underrate, misjudge, underprice, lessen
get better, lessen
make or become less; diminish.
the years have lessened the gap in age between us
They diminish our humanity and, for that reason, they lessen our capacity for God.
The grieving process is typically slow, gradually winding along until it eventually lessens .
When she takes an antihistamine the level of nasal fluid lessens .
In fact, being part of the Greek community lessens the influence of such vices on impressionable young people.
Rainwater harvesting also lessens local erosion and flooding caused by impervious cover such as pavement and roof.
Keep in mind that once it rains, the crabs and fish will probably move more towards the entrance as the salt content upstream lessens .
That terror is still in force, and the fact that it has faded from the headlines does not mean it has lessened .
An unwavering sense of purpose, or destiny, motivates many impostors, and even exposure rarely lessens this desire.
Also, some coaches are lessening the fall impact of injuries by scheduling spring practice earlier.
This lessens my anxiety over the prospect that for many years to come I will be slaving away to meet my commitments to the bank.