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leonine / львиный, леонинский
имя прилагательное
lion's, leonine
имя прилагательное
of or resembling a lion or lions.
a handsome, leonine profile
имя прилагательное
of or relating to one of the popes named Leo, especially Leo IV and the part of Rome that he fortified.
The Leonine revival of Thomism stressed the primacy of divine over natural law and gave the clerical reconquest of Christian civilization a philosophical rationale.
(of medieval Latin verse) in hexameter or elegiac meter with internal rhyme.
имя существительное
Leonine verse.
He had high cheek bones and a leonine head; a well-shaped noble sort of head.
The leonine David Leonard, the prince of dark villains, is celebrating his 15th year in the York Theatre Royal pantomime, fresh from a tour of playing the outrageously nice Richard in Alan Ayckbourn's Joking Apart.
Does that mean he's supposed to be more edgy than his smiling, soft leonine friend?
Yet one disruptive crew-member was met at the dock by a wife of leonine stature and all his bravado shrank.
Arthur grinned as he envisaged a leonine Uncle Louis growling at Alicia's suitor, then pouncing on him and chasing him out of the house.
As the leonine family rejoiced in their reunion, Reid looked down at the drawings on the floor.
With his compact body and leonine looks, hair brushed back like a mane, Adam Hendrickson at 19 looks a little like the young Jean Babilee, and even dances with much of the intensity of the great French dancer.
Robert Graves, leonine , ascended grandly and delivered hilarious impromptu remarks before declaiming a poem.
The patient has also found himself returning to Al Green and the leonine roar of Buju Banton.
The home team are known as the Lions, but as the first half died, there had been nothing leonine about their performance.