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lenticular / линзовидный, линзообразный, двояковыпуклый
имя прилагательное
biconvex, lenticular, convexo-convex
имя прилагательное
shaped like a lentil, especially by being biconvex.
lenticular lenses
of or relating to the lens of the eye.
When the lens is distorted, you have lenticular astigmatism.
On the patient's return from the war, an optician had confirmed the lenticular foreign body.
Case sheet folios 16 and 40 make it amply clear that at least two cases of lenticular cataract were operated on September 7 and September 18, in the ‘presence of His Highness’.
In 1912, a WD was described as a familial syndrome of progressive lenticular degeneration associated with cirrhosis of the liver.
The origin of the lenticular sandstone dykelets is more problematic.
When the lens is distorted, you have lenticular astigmatism.
This lenticular shape is less able to resist torsion but does resist bending quite well, as long as the force hits it on the narrow edge.
The berries in the most derived clade are all morphologically similar, with two carpels, axile placentation and mostly lenticular seeds.
In the sky some lenticular high-level clouds were suspended over the dark brooding Warren Range, about 60 kilometers away from our camp on the other side of the Mulock Glacier.
Thanks to lenticular lenses, the figures disappeared like ghosts when the photographs were viewed from certain angles, suggesting the mutability of memory.