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lenient / мягкий, снисходительный, терпимый
имя прилагательное
soft, mild, gentle, benign, bland, lenient
indulgent, lenient, forgiving, permissive, gracious, facile
tolerant, tolerable, bearable, supportable, lenient, permissive
имя прилагательное
(of punishment or a person in authority) permissive, merciful, or tolerant.
judges were far too lenient with petty criminals
When those convicted are let off with lenient sentences what do people expect?
If we forgive too easily or grow too lenient in our criminal justice system, we may ignore the genuine harm done.
Well, it seems Mr Adler's interpretation of that punishment was a little more lenient than the law would prefer.
He suggested that leaders on both sides should be more lenient .
Therefore, I will not suspend you this time, but do not expect me to be so lenient with you next time.
There is no need for them to be lenient , nor are they expected to close their eyes to evil practices.
Lewis was banned from boxing after his act and for many, that punishment was too lenient .
However he has a heart problem which might cause the authorities to impose a much more lenient sentence, it reports.
The 30-month sentence has been criticized by Australia and the United States as too lenient .
Dance companies are more lenient about tattoos than you might expect, and certainly more so than they once were.