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lengthen / удлиняться, удлинять, увеличивать
lengthen, elongate, draw out
lengthen, extend, elongate, stretch, pull out, draw out
increase, enhance, enlarge, add, magnify, lengthen
make or become longer.
she lengthened her stride to catch up
the mascara will lengthen your lashes
As the afternoon shadows lengthen , the gradient starts to ease and our progress becomes more assured.
December 21st gives us the longest night of the year, then the days lengthen and daylight increases.
As far as Sanskrit is concerned, the most important of these is that a macron above a vowel serves to lengthen it, roughly doubling the length of the sound.
Our response to disappointment has not been to lengthen our stride but to shorten the distance to be covered.
There are jobs to be done as days lengthen and the rate of growth increases.
He says that if this changes and as the burden of disease grows with an increasingly elderly population, Scotland may see its waiting times lengthen .
I have short lashes and this lengthens and thickens them.
Then, as the candles burnt and the shadows lengthened , we started to think about it properly.
The shadows were just barely lengthening and Kristram looked at me in disbelief.