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lemur / лемур
имя существительное
lemur, macaco
имя существительное
an arboreal primate with a pointed snout and typically a long tail, found only in Madagascar.
Even endangered species, like Diana monkeys, lemurs , and gibbons, are for sale.
As its body weight increases by around 40 percent, the lemur 's tail swells massively with stored fat reserves.
Apart from those already mentioned there are zebras, camels, baboons, lemurs , sea lions, humboldt penguins, tapirs and meerkats.
It is a primate, close kin to the bushbabies of sub-Saharan Africa and the lemurs of Madagascar.
There were rodents, bats, elephants and lemurs with pointed snouts and long tails.
Primitive primates called lemurs fill the ecological roles of woodpeckers, squirrels and monkeys.
In other words, the movie implies that primates, like lemurs trace an evolutionary ancestry that goes back to the dinosaurs.
Primates including forest-dwelling ancestors of today's lemurs and tarsiers flourished in the trees.
One of the world's most diverse primates, lemurs range in size from a mouse to a medium-size dog.
The lemurs of Madagascar are the surviving members of a lineage that has been genetically isolated from the rest of the primate family for at least 65 million years.
Till now, scientists thought the common ancestor of lemurs and lorises was a native of Africa, but the discovery in Pakistan suggests alternative scenarios.