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lemonade / лимонад
имя существительное
lemonade, lemon squash
имя существительное
a drink made from lemon juice and sweetened water.
They both got their lemonades and were done laughing when Kylie and Belle returned.
One day I was sitting outside drinking lemonade and I wanted to go swimming with my kids, but I had to go to work.
the butler served her a lemonade
a jug of lemonade
For an elegant touch, use them as ice cubes in lemonade , iced tea and mixed drinks.
To drink, there's fresh papaya juice, lemonade and Malta Corona that tastes like Ovaltine soda.
Aisha went about fixing a tray laden with a jug of lemonade and plates of cookies.
Some days it will be hot and sunny and on those days, you will want to make plenty of lemonade to sell.
She wasn't a big alcoholic like Cory or Kenneth, so she served lemonade for herself.
Non-drinkers are well catered for as well with freshly squeezed orange juice, still lemonade and original ginger beer.
The drink menu said it had pink lemonade , vodka, and grenadine, but I have no idea how many parts of each to use.