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leisurely / неторопливый, досужий, медленный
имя прилагательное
leisurely, unhurried, slow, deliberate, measured, easy
leisurely, leisured, leisurable
slow, sluggish, long, leisurely, creeping, tardy
не спеша
leisurely, deliberately, at leisure, at an easy pace
quietly, calmly, easy, still, gently, leisurely
имя прилагательное
acting or done at leisure; unhurried or relaxed.
a leisurely breakfast at our hotel
without hurry.
couples strolled leisurely along
Some cognac with a nutty finish may be leisurely consumed at her Watergate apartment.
That leisurely pace is what makes a balloon ride such a satisfying experience.
Soon lines of houses bordered the roads and Kyle slowed to a swift, but leisurely pace.
It was early as I sat down to a leisurely breakfast on Grand Comore.
Yet, as Bolger leisurely sets the stage for the coming conflict, the story comes alive.
It's not done at such a leisurely pace now that the temperatures have dropped.
I'll be reading the next two volumes, but at a more leisurely pace.
He cheered along with the rest of the crowd and put on his batting helmet as Eric leisurely made his way across home plate.
Rather than going at my usual leisurely pace, I practically ran up to the lunchroom, meeting Jess along the way.
The telephone rang as Astor was completing a leisurely breakfast at nine-thirty.