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lei / лей, лея
имя существительное
lei, leu, ley
lei, leu, ley
имя существительное
a Polynesian garland of flowers.
The candidates were delighted that the public came to cheer them on and present leis of flowers to wish them luck.
имя существительное
the basic monetary unit of Romania, equal to 100 bani.
The dollar this week made up ground on the Zimbabwe dollar, the Romanian leu , and Botswana pula.
She's wearing a lei , and Chris complains about it.
More firmly grounded in Hawaiian culture is the lei , a colorful wreath of fresh flowers or other decorative objects worn around the neck.
People give the gift of a lei , a necklace of flowers.
See first-hand how a fragrant flower lei is created at the lei stands that line Maunakea Street in Honolulu's Chinatown.
Girls in grass skirts handed out fresh leis flown in from Hawaii.
Hawaii reveals its magic from the start, when sweet floral leis are offered in the traditional island welcome.
The professional courses cover everything from basic floral arrangements and dried flower decoration to the art of making leis and gift baskets.
Everyone was wearing leis and smiling into the camera.
Some people go to Hawaii and come back with leis and ukuleles.
When we arrived at the village, our hosts greeted us warmly with leis .