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legume / боб, плод бобовых, стручковый плод
имя существительное
bean, bob, legume
плод бобовых
стручковый плод
имя существительное
a leguminous plant, especially one grown as a crop.
We are aware of no such studies of wild legumes growing in uncultivated soils.
In the Northeast, pasture typically contains a grass species plus a legume , like clover, according to ARS agronomist Matt Sanderson.
Not only can we produce our own nitrogen by growing legumes , but we can actually rebuild the health of our soils.
More information is needed to understand how the pod wall or seed coat tissues in legumes provide these functions; a sound structural foundation should help in this effort.
The most common legumes are alfalfa, red clover and birdsfoot trefoil.
Vance's focus is on improving biological nitrogen fixation for alfalfa and other legumes as well as improving how plants acquire more phosphorus from the soil.
Since these two cover crops are legumes , they form a symbiosis with specialized soil bacteria called rhizobia.
In legumes , net pod photosynthesis is generally lower and, in chickpea, rates are generally less than 5% of that in the subtending leaf.
Vegetarians base their diet on four main food groups: starch, legumes , fruits and vegetables.
Olives, vegetables, legumes , potatoes, rice, unsweetened fruits and gluten-free products are allowed.
He's also seeded pastures with legumes like alfalfa and red and white clovers.