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legit / отмахать, ходить, бежать
leg it
leg it, leg to it
make a getaway, leg it
имя прилагательное
legal; conforming to the rules.
is this car legit?
And now investigators have to figure out whose claims are legit and who is scamming the system.
Then why won't they approve a legit audit of the US gold reserves?
The promoters spent over $20,000 on this show and did everything they had to to make it legit .
‘It isn't going to turn someone into an athlete, but it's a legit way to keep fit,’ says Agoglia.
The suitcases were full of pirated games, which at $7 a pop are $45 cheaper than most games on the legit market.
If the name doesn't surface, the honor system prevails; the voter simply swears in an affidavit that he or she is legit .
None of the letters to the legit media had even been publicly discovered or acknowledged.
And, naturally, you should never give confidential information to anyone unless you are absolutely certain that they are legit .
It seems like Savage is really desperate to return to the big time in pro wrestling, but why would he spend so much money to produce this record if he wasn't legit ?
Now, just because she gave Cunningham large campaign contributions in the past doesn't mean the comps she assembled weren't legit .