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legislation / законодательство, законы, законодательная деятельность
имя существительное
legislation, legal system, lawmaking
legislation, code
законодательная деятельность
имя прилагательное
legislative, legislation, lawmaking
имя существительное
laws, considered collectively.
tax legislation
It remains to be seen whether further delays will hamper the enactment of this legislation .
This may be enforced by law, with a clause in the legislation to set up regulation of care providers.
This is set out specifically in the Act in relation to the interpretation of legislation .
The national legislation in the form in which it now appears adopts the same approach.
A new group set up to review burial and cremation legislation has held its first meeting.
Our task is to evaluate the ensuing legislation in the light of all these matters.
That section did not empower him to make a radical change of any other kind to any legislation .
Local clean air laws are stronger and more comprehensive than state legislation .
Many of these provisions may make sense if they are placed in ordinary legislation .
Now she is calling for new legislation to outlaw the practice and public opinion is being sought.