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legion / легион, множество
имя существительное
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, legion
имя существительное
a unit of 3,000–6,000 men in the ancient Roman army.
The most important fighting unit of the Roman Army was the legion commanded by a legatus.
a vast host, multitude, or number of people or things.
legions of photographers and TV cameras
имя прилагательное
great in number.
her fans are legion
The number of characters confronting inner demons was legion .
Examples of costly failures are legion .
Nader could once claim a legion of friends and admirers in the world of American progressive politics.
Literary references to wine drinking are legion , presumably because it encouraged conversation, civilized, bawdy, or sometimes nonsensical.
The two Soweto giants were lying fourth and fifth respectively yesterday behind clubs such as Bloemfontein Celtic and Black Leopards despite their vast legion of supporters.
The advantages of switching from car to bike are legion .
His list of friends and admirers there is legion .
Back in the 1990s Ed Schultz was one of a legion of bombastic conservative talk-radio hosts.
She has already won a legion of admirers and a Radio 3 Award for world music.
"The history is complicated; the factual disputes are legion ."