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leggy / длинноногий
имя прилагательное
leggy, rangy
имя прилагательное
(of a woman) having attractively long legs.
a leggy redhead
(of a plant) having an excessively long and straggly stem.
tulips may grow tall and leggy
The stems tend to look leggy and sparse when they survive the winter.
‘I have recovered, of course,’ said the leggy model about her disastrous venture into Indian films.
When we met, I was a boisterous, headstrong, tall, leggy blonde.
Give the plants a light to medium pruning, enough to shape any leggy stems and to encourage bushy growth.
She was a tall, leggy blonde with wide lavender eyes, long black eyelashes, and lush, rose lips.
First, if the plant has gotten leggy over the summer, shear it back to a more manageable height.
Knit, leather, denim and couture creations were paraded down the runway by the leggy models in the form of gowns, pantsuits and ensembles that displayed an array of splashy colors.
Dwarf varieties produce smaller flowers but their stems are not as leggy .
If the plant has been neglected and gotten leggy , or if you are planting a new rose, then cutting back to the six-inch mark should encourage strong new canes from the base.
Keep plants looking lush and full by pruning leggy stems back to buds or branches and removing off-colored and damaged foliage.