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leggings / лосины, краги, рейтузы
имя существительное
leggings, gaiters, leather, leathers
leggings, hose, pantaloons, hoses, riding-breeches
имя существительное
tight-fitting stretch pants worn by women and children.
She wore long black leggings and a tight-fitting black top.
Even with her wool sweaters, shirts, leggings , socks, and cloak, she was still cold.
The cotton garments were soaked in water, then donned, along with helmets with eye slits, leggings and gloves.
There were two pairs of jeans, 2 tracksuits, and a pair of leggings , some running shorts and about 8 white tops.
The uniform consisted of a short skirt with leather leggings and Eton jacket.
After her breakfast, Katherine raced to her room and pulled on her favorite hunting leggings and tunic.
Bassist Chris Squire - wearing a flouncy black smock over skin-tight Lycra leggings tucked into Doc Marten boots - was having more of a ball than most.
The ruffians wore goatskin hats, gritty cloaks, and leggings of leather.
For clothes, he just wore an old woodsman's shirt and leggings .
She wore long black leggings and a tight-fitting black top.
The next day, Christina dressed in black spandex leggings and a white T-shirt.