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legend / легенда, надпись, поверье
имя существительное
legend, keyword, banderol, banderole
inscription, lettering, legend, title, superscription, scripture
имя существительное
a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated.
the legend of King Arthur
an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.
the man was a living legend
an inscription, especially on a coin or medal.
The obverse of all denominations bore a harp, along with the legend Saorstat Eireann and the date the coin was struck.
the story of a saint's life.
the mosaics illustrate the legends of the saints
имя прилагательное
very well known.
his speed and ferocity in attack were legend
Whatever historical events underlie the legend of the Trojan War did not occur as depicted here.
Oliver ‘Smokey’ Charles, 79, is a living legend when it comes to football in St Lucia.
These local religious festivals usually center on a particular saint or legend .
Even jazz legend Louis Armstrong makes a cameo appearance as the Harmonia Gardens' bandleader, singing the film's title track.
They presently have a wide variety of books, including a section on mythology and the legend of King Arthur.
But he was also bigger than life, a living legend who at age 33 could swim faster than he had at 21.
Paying tribute to his colleague on Monday, Killarney Jarvey Association spokesman, Pat O'Sullivan, said Mick was a legend in his own lifetime.
All abbreviations are explained in the legend to Fig 1.
The legend of the notable Saint Anton is connected to plague victims and all diseases.
That is the true meaning of the legend of Saint George.