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legate / легат, посол, папский посол
имя существительное
ambassador, legate, mercury
папский посол
delegate, representative, spokesman, deputy, legate
bequeath, will, leave, settle, devise, legate
имя существительное
a member of the clergy, especially a cardinal, representing the pope.
A papal legate was someone chosen by the pope to act on his behalf in a certain matter.
a general or governor of an ancient Roman province, or their deputy.
the Roman legate of Syria
He left Rome on 5 July 1463 when Bessarion was appointed as papal legate to the Venetian Republic.
In the past it took months, if not years, for a papal legate to travel over the Alps to deliver authoritative Roman decisions.
a papal legate arrived in France on a peacemaking mission
In 1906-8, he was a Norwegian legate to Britain.
Cardinal Marino was the papal legate to Perugia between 1535 and 1539.
The pope sent a legate , who entered into long negotiations that eventually involved the High Court as well.
However, by 1684 he had entered the service of Cardinal Benedetto Pamphili, with whom he remained until the latter's appointment as papal legate to Bologna in 1690.
Each legion was commanded by a legate supported by a senior tribune, Roman aristocrats whose career included a range of both civilian and military tasks and who served with a legion for a few years.
Since this was in the nature of prophesy, the papal legate was able to insist that this showed clearly that the Church should be leading the Crusade.
‘There was another thing about Caesar,’ thought the legate .