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legality / законность, легальность, приверженность букве закона
имя существительное
legality, legitimacy, validity, vigor, allowability, nomocracy
приверженность букве закона
legalism, legality
имя существительное
the quality or state of being in accordance with the law.
documentation testifying to the legality of the arms sale
documentation testifying to the legality of the arms sale
In some ways the need for legality hampers the intelligence services.
There is no provision for judicial determination of the legality of detention.
There has been a bit of debate about the overall legality of the cameras.
As has been noted, the legality of their actions can be challenged in public law by applications for judicial review.
He had only been given a later assurance of legality , which contained none of the caveats.
The legality of this practice is a hotly debated topic among many currency chain performers.
This is not merely a question of credibility, but of morality and of legality .
One area where there has been much debate is the legality of testing for HIV without an explicit consent.
The union successfully defended a challenge to its legality by Wandsworth Council in the High Court.