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leftist / левый, левак, член левой партии
имя существительное
член левой партии
имя существительное
a person who supports the political views or policies of the left.
имя прилагательное
supportive of the political views or policies of the left.
leftist radicals
The Conservative Party looks on the cusp of rejuvenation, while Labour's rebels seem determined to return their party to the leftism of its past.
However, the leftism of the Clann owed much more to papal encyclicals than to the sort of Marxism that had influenced the republican radicals of the 1930s.
Deacon and I were both part of the anti-Viet Nam war movement, and for both of us, the tortuous path to understanding the truth about that conflict was an important part of our shedding the leftism of our youth.
I'm partial to this one because it springs, in part, from a central fallacy of the leftism of them and others.
Records the implosion of its Labor Party, long the country's majority party, now doomed to irrelevance as it sinks deeper into a leftism that consists mostly of wishful thinking.