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left-hander / левша, удар левой рукой
имя существительное
left-hander, left-handed
удар левой рукой
left-hander, left-hand blow
имя существительное
a left-handed person, especially a left-handed baseball pitcher.
What do Canadians, left-handers , and libertarians have in common?
the gearbox failed as Patrese went through a left-hander
The left-hander gave up two runs and six hits, striking out seven.
Lilly set a club record for strikeouts by a left-hander - the previous mark of 11 was accomplished twice by David Wells and once by Al Leiter.
Years ago, it was thought that there was a connection between handedness and language, but current research suggests that right-handers and about 70% of left-handers utilise the left brain for speech.
Right-handers will find a counter-clockwise motion easier, left-handers the reverse.
I suppose we can explain the left-handers by noting that creativity is usually a right-brain function, and left-handers are right-brained.
They were also, I noticed, utterly unusable for left-handers .
We want to educate designers and manufactures to accommodate left-handers ' comfort and safety in new product and building design.
The fact that this most coveted world record has been held by left-handers for the last 47 years fuels the decade old theory that left-handers , as a rule, are more gifted than the orthodox right-handers.
Yorkshire owed a big debt of gratitude to their three left-handers at Scarborough yesterday for giving them a chance of holding out for a draw against Somerset.