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left / слева, налево
left, leftward, leftwards
left, to the left
имя прилагательное
left, port, sinister, near, nearside, left-hand
имя существительное
левая сторона
left, nearside, on, left-hand side
левый фланг
имя прилагательное
on, toward, or relating to the side of a human body or of a thing that is to the west when the person or thing is facing north.
her left eye
of or relating to a person or group favoring liberal, socialist, or radical views.
Left politics
on or to the left side.
turn left here
имя существительное
the left-hand part, side, or direction.
a turn to the left
a group or party favoring liberal, socialist, or radical views.
the Left is preparing to fight presidential elections
a thing on the left-hand side or done with the left hand, in particular.
in the top left corner
Take your right leg, bend it and pull the knee over towards the floor next to your left side.
the left margin
Together, we could have seriously eroded New Labour's hegemony on the left vote.
Another shot had hit her in the left knee, and this bullet also remained in her body.
Swing left here and follow the path under pylons with the wall on the left .
He fell off of me, and as he got up I punched him square on the side of his left eye.
turn left at the school
The crowd was solidly left and markedly anarchist and Marxist for the most part it seems.
Because far more people look at departure boards than arrival boards, it is normal to put departures on the left .