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leeward / подветренный
имя прилагательное
lee, leeward, downwind
имя существительное
подветренная сторона
leeward, lee
в подветренную сторону
leeward, alee
имя прилагательное
on or toward the side sheltered from the wind or toward which the wind is blowing; downwind.
the leeward side of the house
имя существительное
the side sheltered or away from the wind.
the ship was drifting to leeward
If the wind is forced over them on the leeward side of the mountain the air sinks, creating an area of high pressure and clear skies.
The mast is quite flexible, and, with this much sail and no standing riggings, the top is prone to twist to leeward considerably when the wind picks up.
Thus, shady leeward slopes often have weak layers beneath cakes of windblown snow - a perfect recipe for a slab avalanche.
The leeward water was green and relatively weed-free; however, when walking the rocks, I like the option of casting into the open Gulf water.
Gas up and take the long way back, along Haleakala's leeward slope.
Fortunately the wind increased further to some 6 knots and carried the fleet comfortably around Koh Larn, down to the leeward mark near the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel and back to the finish line at the flagpole of the Club.
Communities on the coral atolls are usually concentrated along the leeward shoreline of lagoons.
Sand grains are blown up the windward side of the heap and over the crest until the leeward side of the dune is so steep that it slumps under its own weight.
Windward slopes have gentle rises while leeward slopes can have drastic drop offs.
The T-shaped cockpit provides plenty of leg space and seats are not so far apart that you can't brace to leeward if necessary.