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leer / хитрый взгляд, косой взгляд, злобный взгляд
имя существительное
хитрый взгляд
косой взгляд
sidelong glance, side glance, leer
злобный взгляд
имя прилагательное
oblique, skew, slanting, bias, sidelong, leer
смотреть с вожделением
смотреть искоса
squint, leer, skew
смотреть хитро
имя существительное
an unpleasant, malicious, or lascivious look.
The group relaxed, and Jake grinned his wolflike leer again as he lined up his next shot.
look or gaze in an unpleasant, malicious, or lascivious way.
bystanders were leering at the nude painting
He caught up to her, his face eased into its usual expression, which was something between a smirk and a leer .
All I could see was her smirk in my mind, the ever-present leer that had come to mean so much for me.
He's still staring at me avidly - it's almost a leer - and he's not an attractive sight.
‘It was nice seeing you two,’ he said, glancing over at Keenan whose lips were curled in a sly leer .
He gives them with a sinister look or two with a leer on his face.
But, said the leader of the environment committee with a smile that looked like a leer , nothing more could be done without a planning Inquiry and we would, of course, be allowed to make our objections then.
She grinned - it was more of a snarling leer - and shook her head a bit, drawing a crossbow from the packs on her stallion's rump.
he gave me a sly leer
Kyle got up, and looked at Ginger with an unpleasant leer .
He lit a cigarette and took a swig of the alcohol and grinned at me, a grin that was rapidly becoming a leer .