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lee / подветренный
имя прилагательное
lee, leeward, downwind
имя существительное
shelter, cover, hideout, hideaway, hide, lee
подветренная сторона
leeward, lee
protection, defense, security, shield, advocacy, lee
имя существительное
shelter from wind or weather given by a neighboring object, especially nearby land.
we pitch our tents in the lee of a rock
A single vessel can moor in the lee of either island but it is not a comfortable place to stay.
You can normally tell the lee side from the windward side by looking for cornices.
Suddenly, in the lee of a large dune, she spotted the glow of a campfire.
ducks were taking shelter on the lee of the island
The pair had set up a tent in the lee of a dune.
I chose instead to fish the lee shore, hoping for a picture fish.
Choppy it was but as we got farther out into the lee of the outer islands the sea calmed considerably.
The locals keep saying the lee side (the sunny side).
I could see white caps in the channel, it was time to seek shelter on the lee shore.
The camp lies to the right in the lee of the cliff.