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ledger / гроссбух, главная книга, надгробная плита
имя существительное
главная книга
надгробная плита
tombstone, ledger
имя существительное
a book or other collection of financial accounts of a particular type.
the total balance of the purchases ledger
a flat stone slab covering a grave.
Photographs show her on her bier and her ledger stone carved with her name.
a horizontal scaffolding pole, parallel to the face of a building.
The girder is in a position parallel to the ledger and supports the opposite end of the joists.
In respect of one option, he suggests that, on the tax side of the ledger , we could move towards a flatter tax structure.
Samuel Otis, the first Secretary of the Senate, began the ledger in 1791.
You are now ready to temporarily attach the ledger to the wall, mark the corresponding holes on the siding, remove the ledger , and drill the holes in the siding.
Photographs show her on her bier and her ledger stone carved with her name.
ledger tackle
Before you install the ledger you will need to decide whether to hang the joists from the ledger or rest them on top.
After liberation he started a journey, working his way through the ledger and visiting every single man's family up and down the country, to confirm that their son or husband was dead and where, when and how it had happened.
George VI's coffin lies beneath a black marble ledger stone, which has had the dates of the Queen Mother's birth and death added to it.
Natural capital is a physical asset, like the roads or buildings listed on a city's ledger .
There are times when items will go directly to the general ledger without any subledger posting.