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ledge / выступ, уступ, планка
имя существительное
projection, ledge, protrusion, lip, lug, salient
ledge, shoulder, step, bench, shelf, berm
bar, strap, strip, plank, lath, ledge
имя существительное
a narrow horizontal surface projecting from a wall, cliff, or other surface.
he heaved himself up over a ledge
an underwater ridge, especially of rocks beneath the sea near the shore.
Cleaner wrasses set up cleaning stations near rocks or under ledges on the reef.
a stratum of metal- or ore-bearing rock; a vein of quartz or other mineral.
They were only cobbles and small, irregular outcrops, not large ledges of obviously layered strata.
Target the bottom of the near ledge with caster or worm over chopped worm.
Something has happened to them and they're trapped under a ledge near the road about five miles from here.
Both canvases are baskets of fruit grapes, pears and plums, and lemons and cherries - painted with various vessels and vegetables on a stone ledge .
Roasting-spits leaned against the hearth; rows of wine-jars stood on a ledge near the low door.
It had stone tiling, and a stone ledge , and there was a roof entrance more or less in the center with a door heading down to, most likely, steps.
A scene of peace greeted me as I sat near the ledge of the platform outside.
he heaved himself up over a ledge
They both know what an eerie feeling it must have been for rescuer and rescued, as they listened for those dislodged stones to hit a ledge or plunge into the water.
Will had somehow grabbed a small ledge about twenty feet down.
The dim light in the small dark room was provided by the hundreds of low candles that sat on a stone ledge that ran the length of the room.