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lecture / лекция, доклад, нотация
имя существительное
lecture, talk, discourse, reading, prelection, teach-in
report, lecture, account
notation, lecture, lesson, homily, sermon
admonition, exhortation, precept, manual, edification, lecture
moral, morality, lecture, preachment
читать лекцию
lecture, deliver a lecture, talk, deliver, prelect
читать нотации
lecture, jaw, blast, tax, reprehend, school
reprimand, scold, lecture, speak at, talk to, tick off
имя существительное
an educational talk to an audience, especially to students in a university or college.
He gave a wonderful illustrated lecture on how to video a wedding.
deliver an educational lecture or lectures.
she was lecturing to her class of eighty students
In his spare time, he likes to write code and lecture on security topics.
Some sites even include disclaimers indicating that the postings are not official lecture notes.
He wanders into pointless asides, conspiracy theories and even presumes to lecture the audience about its loyalty to Canada.
Teachers who lecture send the message that they are an expert source of information.
I suspect Lord Fyre to come and give Christine the usual lecture of ‘How dare you storm off like that?’
But this isn't your usual hell-in-a-handcart lecture .
Was he seriously going to lecture me on how much I had to drink?
He gave me a long lecture about the absurdity of somebody claiming an interest in serious music who didn't own a stereophonic gramophone.
the usual lecture on table manners
But I knew if I didn't get back in Rebecca's room by the time my dad woke up - or at least out of my bed - I would probably be in for a serious lecture .