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lebanon / Ливан
имя существительное
имя существительное
a country in the Middle East, with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea; population 4,017,100 (est. 2009); capital, Beirut; official language, Arabic.
an industrial city in southeastern Pennsylvania, in Pennsylvania Dutch country; population 24,097 (est. 2008).
The full text of Bush's executive order on Lebanese sovereignty is available on the White House Web site.
the capital of Lebanon
We have no electors inside the Lebanese Parliament and we have confidence in MPs that they will vote for a president in keeping with Lebanon's tradition of independence, sovereignty and democracy.
But ultimately, the Lebanese remain convinced that there's little they can do to avert any of these catastrophes.
Well-dressed families, couples and young artsy types mill about sampling foods like saj, a traditional Lebanese flatbread usually smeared with thyme and olive oil and baked on a rounded open grill.
To trace the origin of the disaster, Elias and colleagues used high-resolution sonar to map the contours of the sea floor between the Lebanese coastal towns of Enfeh and Damour.