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leathery / жесткий, похожий на кожу
имя прилагательное
hard, tough, rigid, stiff, harsh, leathery
похожий на кожу
имя прилагательное
having a tough, hard texture.
brown, leathery skin
The leathery sheet object is excellent in water repellency and water resistance in sections formed by cutting.
An is quite common and presents as a symmetric brown-black thickening of the skin that gradually becomes leathery or velvety in appearance.
At baseline and at 1 month, the lesions were clinically assessed as soft, leathery or hard.
This helps to explain why skin often looks and feels more leathery as we age.
Once your plant has gotten to the point of being limp, leathery , and wrinkled, reviving the plant is usually a long process and often unsuccessful.
The adult shell is covered by a thick, smooth, leathery skin.
Then a sharper leatheriness takes over and the whole thing wraps up a meaty finish with some peppery spice.
Not infrequently he is criticized for opaqueness or leatheriness in his paint, for a want of luminosity and charm in his colour; here there is no trace of these defects.
The cigar drives home the nuttiness of the liquor and picks up leatheriness in the bargain.
Wrinkling, yellowing, leatheriness , mottling and hyperpigmentation are all associated with sun damage.