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leather / кожа, ремень, краги
имя существительное
leather, skin, hide, dermis, pelt, derma
belt, strap, sling, thong, lanyard, leather
leggings, gaiters, leather, leathers
имя прилагательное
leather, leathern
крыть кожей
пороть ремнем
belt, leather
pound, beat, bash, baste, whack, leather
имя существительное
a material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process.
a leather jacket
a thing made of leather, in particular.
beat or thrash (someone).
he caught me and leathered me black and blue
In the stables, hands fed and watered the horses, and groomed their white coats until they shone, and polished the tack until they see dull reflections in the leather .
One young lad from Northampton takes me out as I'm about to play the ball and I absolutely leather him before an almighty fight breaks out and I'm sent to the sin-bin.
a leather jacket
A piece of the leather bung which plugged one of these was still there, though the design I had seen on it the last time had disappeared.
One bore a wolf's fang, the other a plain quartz piece on a leather thong.
neither woman is famed for her finesse—both prefer to leather the ball for all they are worth
You may also use chamois as an alternative to the leather pieces.
She notices how perfectly polished the leather car seats are, and how fitting this is for the car's last night.
There were extra pieces of leather to fix broken saddles and reins with.
But shining/polishing your shoes will make the leather last longer and look better.