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leasehold / пользование на правах аренды, арендованное имущество, наем
имя существительное
пользование на правах аренды
арендованное имущество
leasehold, tenement
rent, hire, employment, lease, recruiting, leasehold
имя прилагательное
leased, rented, leasehold
взятый на откуп
имя существительное
the holding of property by lease.
a form of leasehold
There are other traditional leasehold structures including terminating leases of 50-100 years.
leasehold premises
leasehold premises
a form of leasehold
For instance, a 10-year leasehold interest may not be like-kind with an 18-year leasehold interest.
Moreover, the legal status of leasehold titles needs clarification whilst provisions for the transfer and inheritance of leases will improve security of tenure.
it is still a leasehold
a form of leasehold
The state Supreme Court has ruled that a lawsuit seeking mandatory leasehold conversion at the condominium did not have the required number of owners needed to proceed.
With a well-written lease and a properly managed building, a leasehold flat should provide a perfectly good home for occupants and a secure investment.