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leap / скачок, прыжок, препятствие
имя существительное
jump, leap, hop, bounce, caper, skip
bounce, jump, leap, hop, spring, bound
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, leap
jump, skip, leap, dance, cavort, spring
jump, leap, hop, skip, spring, prance
seize, seize upon, clutch, snatch, leap, fasten upon
имя существительное
a forceful jump or quick movement.
she came downstairs in a series of flying leaps
jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.
I leaped across the threshold
a leap of 75 percent in two years
With a quick wink and a leap , he flew over the river to my side.
More mainstream retailers found the checkout system difficult to replicate and, Miles said, worried that most shoppers were not ready for such a leap .
He ran a brilliant 300 metres and was a well placed 4th in the long jump with a best leap of 3.36 metres.
His second medal came when he won bronze in the junior triple jump with a leap of 11.67m.
OK, you don't get to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
The door swung open before he could reach it, and he was forced to leap back to avoid having his nose broken for the second time.
If problems hit, spot shortages could develop and prices could leap again.
It wasn't such a leap from Super Ball to Super Bowl.
Last year it was rated as the city with the biggest leap in house prices in the UK during the previous five years.