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lean-to / пристройка с односкатной крышей, навес
имя существительное
пристройка с односкатной крышей
canopy, shed, overhang, awning, sunshade, lean-to
имя существительное
a building sharing one wall with a larger building, and having a roof that leans against that wall.
a lean-to garage
a lean-to garage
One big advantage of the lean-to greenhouse is that you can connect it to your home by means of a communicating door.
a lean-to garage
There were five lean-to shelters there, each of which slept up to six people.
She'd found plenty of driftwood and deadfalls in the vicinity of the gazebo, enough to construct a crude lean-to on the creek bank.
He had spent the last two days lost in the Sierra Nevada mountains enduring subfreezing temperatures, with only a crudely built lean-to shelter and no food.
He fashioned a crude lean-to out of twigs and pitch, ensnared wild game in a hand-made wooden trap, and divined the coveted secret of fire.
He wiped moisture from his muzzle and ducked back under the meagre cover his crude lean-to offered.
The basic points to remember when building a lean-to green house is location and ventilation.
They needed to build a lean-to shelter, dry their possessions, and repack their canoe for the rest of their journey.