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leaky / имеющий течь, болтливый, не умеющий хранить секреты
имя прилагательное
имеющий течь
talkative, chatty, garrulous, gossipy, gassy, leaky
не умеющий хранить секреты
имя прилагательное
having a leak or leaks.
a leaky roof
That's hardly surprising given the salt spray and leaky roof in the current place.
The repairs should take two to three weeks, and include installing new air conditioning, new plumbing and repairing a leaky roof.
Her home was no longer a Victorian style house with a two car garage, a temperamentally leaky roof, and a basketball goal.
If they ever have a problem - a leaky tap, a blocked drain or a broken washing machine - they need only to make a phone call to their managers and it will be sorted out.
We look at materials and design features that contribute to leaky buildings and some of the potential health risks of leaky homes.
One reason the law of leaky abstractions is problematic is that it means that abstractions do not really simplify our lives as much as they were meant to.
Those leaky roofs, outdated books and peeling paint offer no attraction to young or aged readers.
The town will be disturbed, therefore, to learn that the church is facing a £400,000 repair bill for its roof and leaky tower.
If high levels of both molecules are found, it indicates a leaky gut condition.
There really is nothing behind his eyes but for a leaky roof dripping into a pale blue bucket.