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leakage / утечка, течь, просачивание
имя существительное
leakage, leak, escape, outflow, seepage, wastage
flow, leak, stream, leakage, seepage, spring
leakage, seepage, seep, infiltration, percolation, dripping
имя существительное
the accidental admission or escape of a fluid or gas through a hole or crack.
we're saving water by reducing leakage
Current leakage and direct coupling when an energized metal active electrode tip comes in contact with another metal instrument or object potentially can damage or cause injury to the device or tissues.
Harnessing such water requires relatively large initial outlays and can pose an environmental hazard because of potential brine leakage into the source aquifer.
Any messages that breach regulations or corporate policy - including theft or leakage of intellectual property - are flagged for review and blocked before they are sent.
we're saving water by reducing leakage
Although recent reductions in the price of these drugs are welcome, the rapid increase in legal distribution will inevitably increase illegal leakage into the private sector.
A recent survey ranked confidential information leakage as the major content issue facing corporations, after spam.
leakage currents
Disclosure of pan leakage is vital information to a home buyer, and such considerations clearly outweigh the risks and inconveniences of water testing.
By not revealing carrier status to those who have been screened, it minimizes the negative impact on self-image, as well as the potential for leakage of the information to others.
Postoperative air leakage is the most frequent complication after lung surgery, regardless of whether an operation is performed by thoracotomy or by use of endoscopic techniques.