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leak / утечка, течь, утечка информации
имя существительное
leakage, leak, escape, outflow, seepage, wastage
flow, leak, stream, leakage, seepage, spring
утечка информации
soak, leak, seep, leak out, filter, percolate
leak, flow
давать течь
leak, spring a leak, spring a leakage, start a leakage, start a leak
имя существительное
a hole in a container or covering through which contents, especially liquid or gas, may accidentally pass.
I checked all of the pipes for leaks
an intentional disclosure of secret information.
one of the employees was responsible for the leak
(of a container or covering) accidentally lose or admit contents, especially liquid or gas, through a hole or crack.
the roof leaked
(of secret information) become known.
the news leaked out
one of the employees was responsible for the leak
Fire brigade officers say the leak occurred in a pipe on the first floor.
The bite valve has no shut-off mechanism, so it's more apt to leak if accidentally squeezed.
Also, why, and on whose authority, did unnamed police sources leak information to the press?
The strike came after a recent accident involving an acid leak , which affected 40 workers.
Light seemed to just leak out from his pores when he smiled.
I notice that a number of our trials at Hauxton have been rendered useless and part of our field apparently contaminated following what appears to have been a leak from a burst pipe.
the leak of fluid may occur
I could feel my blood pumping comfortably in my arteries and wondered why it didn't just leak out into nothingness.
a gas leak