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league / лига, союз, лье
имя существительное
league, slur, tie, confederacy, ligature
union, alliance, league, association, conjunction, combination
образовать союз
входить в союз
unite, combine, come together, join, consolidate, league
имя существительное
a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation.
the League of Nations
a group of sports clubs that play each other over a period for a championship.
The cloud is kicked up from so many teams scrambling for the league championship.
a class or category of quality or excellence.
the two men were not in the same league
a former measure of distance by land, usually about three miles.
In 1803 Napoleon exiled her to twenty leagues , roughly fifty miles, from Paris.
join in a league or alliance.
Oscar had leagued with other construction firms
And what exactly gave you the impression that great guy is so totally out of your league ?
the two men were not in the same league
There's a full programme of football scheduled, with cup and league matches.
In this novel a 56-year-old bachelor plays out a baseball league he has invented using a variety of numerical charts and the roll of three dice.
We want both; we don't want a more competitive league at a lower quality level.
The league is a small extremist group.
The league says this failure means up to 3,000 teenagers are locked up in inhumane, appalling conditions.
BBC Scotland today announced details of upcoming live Premier league fixtures.
They aren't suddenly going to win the league but at long last there seems to be a proper plan in place that might one day allow them to do so.
The league has taken the government to court over the fact that children were not being protected from bullying, assault and self-harm.