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leafy / лиственный, листовой, покрытый листьями
имя прилагательное
foliar, deciduous, leaf, leafy, foliate, leafed
sheet, leaf, leafy, rolled, laminated
покрытый листьями
leaved, leafy
имя прилагательное
having many leaves or much foliage.
leafy bushes
There under a leafy banyan tree, the boy was sitting.
Dietary sources of folic acid include green leafy vegetables, breakfast cereals and bread.
It eats mainly grass seeds and other green leafy vegetation.
This high biomass habitat, the ‘core’ habitat, is usually dominated by a few large leafy species that are superior competitors for light.
Nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables and wheat germ are rich dietary sources of manganese.
A tree pressed its leafy branches to my window, and through the mesh of leaves I caught hints of hedges and flowerbeds.
From the peak it's only about a half mile down until you reach where the trees start getting leafy , and then it isn't too much farther until you get to the creek, which is very close to where the bears live.
Fruit plates and salad plates are available in plenty in multi-coloured shades in leafy patterns from Germany.
Tie leafy herbs with long stems in bunches and hang to air dry.
Wang wondered why residents had to give up their leafy trees and green meadow for the marsh and concrete pond.