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leaflet / листовка, листок, листочек
имя существительное
leaflet, flyer, broadsheet, flier, follicle, leaf
sheet, leaflet, slip, rag, folium
имя существительное
a printed sheet of paper, sometimes folded, containing information or advertising and usually distributed free.
They're distributing leaflets asking for any information about the bombers.
each of the leaflike structures that together make up a compound leaf, such as in the ash and horse chestnut.
The epidermal structure of these leaflets shows some similarities to that of flowering plants.
distribute leaflets to (people or an area).
I won't be leafleting neighborhoods
Tap the momentum of the big events to encourage supporters to leaflet their own areas and build support among people they know.
Just as important will be to leaflet every civil service workplace area.
The overlying thrombus had eroded and perforated the posterior mitral valve leaflet (white arrows).
Of the 212 patients in group A, 106 received the patient information leaflet and 106 did not.
We have now produced a patient friendly leaflet which has proved quite a success.
At strategic points, activists leapt out of the cars to leaflet the streets.
There is a Thai leaflet available with a map, or just take your chances and follow the roads.
According to the council's information leaflet the new day changed to Monday.
The council's transport and planning chiefs recently sent a consultation leaflet to every household in York asking for opinions.
An information leaflet was distributed that described the aim of the study and explained that participation was voluntary and anonymous.