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leading / ведущий, передовой, головной
имя прилагательное
leading, master, principal, key, guiding, managing
advanced, forward, progressive, leading, foremost, innovative
head, cephalic, leading, nose, cranial, advance
имя существительное
manual, guide, leadership, guidance, direction, leading
directive, guideline, instruction, direction, leading, lead
instruction, regulations, direction, order, specification, leading
имя прилагательное
most important.
a number of leading politicians
имя существительное
guidance or leadership, especially in a spiritual context.
Things can be learned in many ways (spiritual leading is one way you pointed).
the amount of blank space between lines of print.
Most scrapbookers don't know what kerning or leading are and how to adjust them accordingly.
cause (a person or animal) to go with one by holding them by the hand, a halter, a rope, etc., while moving forward.
she emerged leading a bay horse
be in charge or command of.
a military delegation was led by the Chief of Staff
be superior to (competitors or colleagues).
there will be specific areas or skills in which other nations lead the world
have or experience (a particular way of life).
she's led a completely sheltered life
initiate (action in a game or contest), in particular.
After college, she headed to New York City and landed the leading role in the Broadway production, Zombie.
And it has become an important leading indicator of where the economy is heading.
The present upsurge of the Manipuri people would be marked in history also by the way in which women played a leading role in furthering the movement.
He has figured in a number of leading roles for Ballinrobe Musical Society, including Danilo in The Merry Widow.
It is a longing for a church that raises up leaders who recognize that leading and listening are not mutually exclusive.
The organizers said that although the dancers are very young, most of the leading roles have gone to award-winning performers.
No, it is a God-and-Spirit work - a response to the leading and the driving of the Godhead.
Things can be learned in many ways (spiritual leading is one way you pointed).
We can give thanks that through the leading of the Spirit we do not tolerate slavery, but that does not set Spirit against Word.
Brazil is one of the world's leading emerging markets.