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leaden / свинцовый, тяжелый, неповоротливый
имя прилагательное
lead, leaden, plumbeous, plumbic, saturnine, leady
heavy, hard, severe, difficult, grave, leaden
clumsy, hulking, sluggish, leaden, logy, snail-paced
имя прилагательное
dull, heavy, or slow.
his eyelids were leaden with sleep
Just one droplet to start with, but the sky was leaden grey and there was much more fallout in store.
To make sure the towers are not a blot on the view for local residents, it was ruled that they must be painted a dull grey similar to the leaden Stockport sky.
To my eye, the gardens that looked best under leaden skies were those that used colour in other ways than planting.
The leaden sensation made her head and feet heavy.
Did they need to give me this little something that shines, when all I've been thinking are dull and leaden sentences?
He lay down on his pallet still pondering, but the exhaustion from his long vigil the previous day swept him off almost at once into a dreamless, leaden sleep.
He exhaled the smoke and through the haze his eyes rested on the day's end; gulls scraped the underside of a grey sky, cormorants pierced leaden waters to emerge gullet-choked with fish.
But it wasn't the leaden grey of impending rain, nor was it the hazy grey of fog.
Toward the west the sky was still dark: not the empty dark of a night sky but the leaden solidity of storm clouds building.
This once lovely girl's body lay in a leaden coffin.