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lead-in / введение, вступление, вводное слово
имя существительное
introduction, insertion, injection, establishment, institution, lead-in
entry, accession, assumption, entrance, opening, lead-in
вводное слово
parenthesis, lead-in
имя существительное
an introduction or preamble that allows one to move smoothly on to the next part of something.
the lead-in note
a wire leading in from outside, especially from an antenna to a receiver or transmitter.
I should also recommend looking for any ‘holes’ or cracks in the outside to inside transition zones in your home - the trim around doors and windows, door sills, antenna lead-ins , etc.
Some of the lead-in chapter introductions are very well done - I particularly liked the one on Organizational Transformation.
We needed a three-year lead-in period where the status quo remained.
the lead-in note
It's a powerful transition, and a smooth lead-in to characters who are now young men, 15 years later.
The longer-than-expected lead-in time will allow employers time to prepare for the full implementation of the regulations.
It has been a convention, if we are talking about conventions, that members are allowed a lead-in to a debate.
It gets the album started on a high-octane note, but no matter how scratchy the lead-in guitars are, the expensive production can't make it as excitingly raw as it would like to be.
On sale from next month, the new model arrives with an uprated specification list and a lead-in price of £18,513, a slight increase over its predecessors.
After a lead-in period from last year, this means that from this year onwards, a grower who plants any seed potatoes, other than certified basic seed, is breaking the law.
‘Ultimately, the standing shoulder press is a great lead-in exercise for learning more advanced power moves such as push-presses and overhead squats,’ he says.