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lazy / ленивый
имя прилагательное
lazy, indolent, slothful, idle, sluggish, shiftless
имя прилагательное
unwilling to work or use energy.
I'm very lazy by nature
(of a livestock brand) placed on its side rather than upright.
a logo with a lazy E
A part of me wants to snuggle up against his side and let him loop a lazy arm around my shoulders, but another part knows that I can't.
It's the time to reconnect with nature, when kids catch bugs and snakes, grandfathers go fishing and couples take a canoe down a lazy river.
But my experience with talented people is that many are lazy and unwilling to work hard to nourish their talent.
But this review is so rife with filler and inconsistencies itself that I wonder if it isn't just another instance of lazy writing.
Just because you say it's acceptable to rearrange history to suit your lazy writing technique doesn't mean we are mindless lemmings who are going to believe you.
I am a marketer's dream, with my lazy , paranoia-based brand loyalty.
With its clear glass walls the main reading room resembles a fish tank, brimming with lazy activity as readers come and go.
Two lazy rivers wind to the north and south of the Little Town and converge off to the east.
He may have spent a great portion of his life in a drug-addled state but he rarely penned a lazy line.
There weren't any real clouds, just a few half-hearted, lazy efforts that the sky had probably felt obligated to make, but that didn't dim the sun in any way.