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layover / остановка, салфетка на скатерти, дорожка на скатерти
имя существительное
stop, stopping, halt, stoppage, standstill, layover
салфетка на скатерти
дорожка на скатерти
имя существительное
a period of rest or waiting before a further stage in a journey.
Based upon the schedule, that would have left me a layover of just 25 minutes in Patchogue.
He claimed that my town was ‘on his way’ to Denver, but in truth his little layover added at least two hours of driving time to his vacation.
We had a six-hour layover in JFK, where our teacher told us not to go exploring and to stay put in the seating area near our departure gate.
After a layover , I am supposed to land in San Diego about 7: 30 pm Pacific time.
Looks like it'll be tons of fun, as I have to transfer twice and I have a two-hour layover in Baltimore.
I haven't done any neurology since medical school, so coming back to it was kind of like revisiting a foreign country in which you spent a brief layover en route to your real destination.
there was only a forty-eight minute layover
And I was there for the past two weeks, and I was on my way back from there and had the layover in Paris, and that's how I wound up on this flight.
Listening to his voice on the phone when I called on my layover in Dallas last night, I could tell without even seeing his face that he felt my loss in the same way, too.
You become uncomfortably aware of stasis - standing roadside with your thumb out, waiting in Seattle for a three-hour layover , sleeping in an Alberta hostel.
A thousand miles from anywhere, the Azores are a natural layover for voyaging sailors and adventurous pilgrims.