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lay-up / вывод из строя, простой
имя существительное
вывод из строя
downtime, dead time, lay-up
имя существительное
a one-handed shot made from near the basket, especially one that rebounds off the backboard.
the state or action of something, especially a ship, being laid up.
the ship ended its days in lay-up
He never tried jump shots, just lay-ups and dunks.
The main idea is to practice lay-ups at game speed.
You'll have a number of tools at your disposal to rack up the points on the court, along with the usual jump shots, dunks and lay-ups .
This year my team did really bad because they couldn't hit their jump shots, 3 pointers, lay-ups , or free throws.
But they were on fire and we missed nine lay-ups which really hurt us.