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lay-by / ветка
имя существительное
branch, siding, stick, limb, extension, lay-by
имя существительное
an area at the side of a road where vehicles may pull off the road and stop.
The cameras can be at the side of the road, in lay-bys and on motorway bridges.
The men suffered only minor injuries and because of the damage to the car and the accident happening late at night, they decided to sleep overnight in the vehicle, in a lay-by .
Every lay-by on every road is always littered with garbage.
Then the group set off up the narrow winding lane to the main road and the lay-by .
The decision was taken despite fears raised by people living near the lay-by on the B4632 road to Broadway.
The vehicle then pulled into the lay-by and parked up for several hours.
you could secure it by lay-by
The control barge was successfully towed through the Barataria Waterway and completed the route to a lay-by berth in the Mississippi River.
You can relax just as easily in a lay-by the side of the road that is home to three-dozen cars, a toilet block and an ice cream van.
It then pulled up in a lay-by , where the occupants were seen trying to set light to the fuel tank before they fled.
A lay-by for vessels was excavated on the south side of the upper canal cut, about halfway between the head of the cut and the lock.