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lay / рельеф, положение, расположение
имя существительное
relief, lay, relievo
position, location, situation, provision, state, lay
disposition, arrangement, position, layout, propensity, lay
lie, lay, rest, lie with, couch, lie up
lay, lay upon
имя прилагательное
worldly, mundane, secular, temporal, profane, lay
secular, worldly, temporal, social, lay, profane
unprofessional, non-professional, lay, amateurish
имя прилагательное
not ordained into or belonging to the clergy.
a lay preacher
not having professional qualifications or expert knowledge, especially in law or medicine.
lay and professional views of medicine
имя существительное
the general appearance of an area, including the direction of streams, hills, and similar features.
the lay of the surrounding countryside
an act of sexual intercourse.
the laying of eggs or the period during which they are laid.
Both male and female breeders are subject to a restricted feeding regime for their first few weeks of life - about 20 days to the point of lay .
a short lyric or narrative poem meant to be sung.
James Macpherson based his Ossianic pieces on these lays .
put down, especially gently or carefully.
she laid the baby in his crib
put down and set in position for use.
it is advisable to have your carpet laid by a professional
used with an abstract noun so that the phrase formed has the same meaning as the verb related to the noun used, e.g., “lay the blame on” means ‘to blame’.
she laid great stress on little courtesies
(of a female bird, insect, reptile, or amphibian) produce (an egg) from inside the body.
flamingos lay only one egg
have sexual intercourse with.
(of a person or animal) be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface.
the man lay face downward on the grass
be, remain, or be kept in a specified state.
the church lies in ruins today
(of a place) be situated in a specified position or direction.
the small town of Swampscott lies about ten miles north of Boston
(of an action, charge, or claim) be admissible or sustainable.
Before the judge and before us there was some debate whether such a claim lies for breach of fiduciary duty generally or only those which also involve the misapplication of property.
tell a lie or lies.
why had Wesley lied about his visit to Philadelphia?
A knife to his belly had brought him to the Bowery Mission, where he continues as a lay preacher.
Look for opportunities to form teams in communicating with pastors and lay people.
Not doing more than getting the lay of the land, but they were there.
Third, the talking styles of men and women have been of interest to both lay and professional persons.
The government will then lay an order before Parliament before they become effective from November.
Let's take a look at some satellite imagery, give you a sense of the lay of the land of where those pictures are coming from.
During this time Bethel has been well supported by ministers from the South Wales area, some of them retired, and by lay preachers from the locality.
It's just easier to lay all the blame squarely on the shoulders of smokers.
In the colonies the lay vestry emerged to help with the management of church resources and property.
This committee will consist of experts from a range of different disciplines, and half its members will be lay people.