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lawyer / адвокат, юрист, юрисконсульт
имя существительное
lawyer, attorney, counsel, advocate, solicitor, barrister
lawyer, jurist, attorney, jurisconsult, legist, ambulance chaser
legal adviser, counsel, lawyer, solicitor
имя существительное
a person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor.
Despite the pleas of defence lawyers , the attorney general appeared to do nothing to urge restraint.
practice law; work as a lawyer.
lawyering is a craft that takes a long time to become proficient at
Obviously a purchaser may or may not choose to give power of attorney to their lawyer .
civil lawyer
It probably knew the judge was married to a lawyer , and thus had access to a free attorney.
The canon lawyer called by the Plaintiffs also confirmed the church's policy of secrecy.
he's a prominent criminal lawyer
It also placed the lawyer who signed the affidavit of documents in jeopardy of an award of costs against him.
The Attorney general is a lawyer employed by the government of the day to provide legal advice that his client asks for.
to consult a lawyer
That only can be given to a representative or solicitor or a lawyer , or a court official.
I'm an employment lawyer