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lawnmower / газонокосилка
имя существительное
lawn mower, roller, grass-cutter
имя существительное
a machine for cutting the grass on a lawn.
I now really need a lawnmower , some round up, a spade and fertiliser.
Raise the height of cut on the lawnmower and cut lawns less frequently as the cooler weather slows down growth.
After about half a hour, he came back out of the house and then he used the lawnmower to mow the lawn.
He forced the lawnmower across the grass one more time, and then approached the man on the porch.
I walked back outside, watching Jake as he finished off the lawn and wheeled the lawnmower back to the garage.
Don't add fuel to your lawnmower while the engine is running or the mower is still hot.
However, grass clippings are becoming scarce because of the increased popularity of mulching lawnmowers that provide many of the same benefits of mulching to lawns.
They would not spend their hard-earned money on lawns, lawnmowers , backyard barbecues, household appliances, and mortgages.
Residents storing petrol for their strimmers or lawnmowers are being reminded to take care.
Falls from ladders cause the most injuries, followed by accidents with electrical tools such as lawnmowers , power drills and hedge strimmers.