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lawman / судебный исполнитель
имя существительное
судебный исполнитель
bailiff, marshal, lawman, executor, officer of the court, fiscal
имя существительное
a law-enforcement officer, especially a sheriff.
The protesters sought police protection but a high-ranking officer ordered lawmen to withdraw and allowed the attackers to set upon the demonstrators.
In his incapacitated state the bogus lawman fell gratefully back onto the grass.
Not her husband and no longer her lover, he now relates to her in the only way he knows how, in the only way he has left: as a lawman enforcing Southern law.
Eliot Ness was the intrepid lawman who busted Al Capone and was the bane of the Mob in 1930s Chicago.
If a lawman or woman were judged on results and could be kicked out if he or she failed, you could guarantee one thing: fighting crime would be a number one priority.
The wife of a deceased lawman would never consider a proposal from a fugitive.
Last week, the crowd of lawmen and women were lounging in Courtroom One as they waited for the judge to arrive.
This time players are lawmen in the old west trying to capture various outlaws.
The voices of the two lawmen were low, undetectable with the exception of Gordon's shouts, but when he realized that his voice was turned up, he would lower it again.
The probe took lawmen to the eastern United States to determine whether the inheritance, in fact, existed.
Thankfully, I do think based on recent reports that our lawmen are making good dents in the illegal drug trade here.